Women – Inspired Addicted-Dio Addict Tw0)


Biebon Addicted unleashes fresh and captivating itense and vibrant, soft femininity and sensuality. A must have women fragrance!

Top Note: Grapefruit (A bitter aromatic citrus scent with a β€œdirty” undertone reminiscent of black currant)
Middle Note: Pomegranate (A fantasy fruity note, sweet and sour, spicy and leathery.)
Base Note: White Musk (A note that earthy, woody, animalistic, and intoxicating is hard to miss).
Strength : Moderate Strong

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Beli 2 botol 50ml, PERCUMA 1 lagi botol 20ml

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Based on 305 reviews
Trial Kit Cikgu Wanita
Nur Aina binti Mat Shah

Wangi sgt 😊

Much alike White musk from Body shop

Biebon - chery blooming bouqeet

Bau fresh, wangi dan tiap hari sy suka pakai, paling penting bau tu long lasting

Trial Kit Cikgu Wanita

Semua wangi. Paling saya suka Biebon for her. Bau lembut n tahan smpai blk sekolah. Overall semua wangi. Will repeat Biebon for her.

Trial Kit Nurse
Ramzah Abdullah

Trial Kit Nurse

Tak sama macam dulu

1st time beli,bau sangat wangi,kuat n tahan lama.Beli 2nd time,bau pun x mcm dulu n x tahan lama.

Women - Signature For Her

Men - Inspired Alexander

Men – Inspired Rome

good. bau yang enak

good. bau yang enak

Women - Signature Love
Saiful Nizam Bin Abu Bakar

NEW Love by Biebon (Signature Scent)


Bau wangi

Biebon Ariff

Bau seakan sama dengan Paco Rabanne 1 Million

Biebon vigirous

I like the smell .nice and long lasting

Men – Inspired Dominant-B055 No 6
Ahmad khairulnizam Abd ghani

Baikkk..packaging cun..wangian best..

Biebon Mr Cigar For men perfume

Bau dia mencucuk hidung,, pening rsa kepala sy..ade bau2 bunga jasmine pun ade kot

Ariff best sangat

Bau dia terbaik..puas hati


Pembungkusan, penghantaran, kualiti semua terbaik.

Men – Inspired Rover-Moon Blank St4rwalker
Effendde Abdul Aziz Bin Mohamed Noor
Mont Blanc Starwalker

love the fresh scent. Repeated customer.

Women – Inspired Too Sexy-Lcm Hypnose
Wan Utma Mazrah Wan Abdul Samad

Biebon Too Sexy (Hypnose)